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  • Neutral Master Bathroom
    Master Bath Features Geode Print Curtains, Orb Pendant Light, Silvery Tub

  • Chic Neutral Living Space with Desk and Glass Orbs on Coffee Table
    Chic Neutral Living Space with Desk and Glass Orbs on Coffee Table

  • Neutral Transitional Living Room
    Neutral Transitional Living Room With Globe Chandelier

  • Outdoor Entertaining Space With Wood Dining Table and White Pergola
    Nautical Outdoor Dining Space With Pergola

  • French Country Garden With Stone Accents
    French Country Garden

  • Wood Coffee Table and Bar Stand
    Wood Coffee Table and Bar Stand

  • Longwood Gardens Exhibition Hall Mums
    Chrysanthemum Hanging Ball

  • Neutral Fireplace With Vases and Plants on Mantel
    Traditional Fireplace and Globe Chandelier

  • Mediterranean Garden With Red Flowers
    Tuscan-Style Garden With Urn

  • Southwestern Punched Metal Outdoor Orb Light
    Southwestern Style Punched Metal Outdoor Light

  • Kitchen With Striped Backsplash
    White Open Plan Kitchen With Striped Backsplash

  • Transitional Master Bathroom
    Pendant Lights, Tile Pattern Add Softness in Master Bathroom

  • Holiday Ice Lanterns
    Shimmering Lanterns

  • Concrete Walkway and Contemporary Landscaping
    Neat, Balanced Landscape & Hardscape

  • Shrubs, Grasses and Potted Plants Along Entryway
    Contemporary Backyard Landscaping

  • Courtyard With Red Chairs
    Courtyard Corner With Red Chairs

  • Brown Rustic Living Space With Neutral Sectional, Orb Chandelier
    Rustic Living Room With Cowhide Throw Pillows

  • Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop
    Transitional Kitchen With Marble Countertops