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  • Bedroom with Bicycle and Ocean Painting
    Contemporary Beach House Master Bedroom with Ocean Painting

  • Turquoise Living Room
    Elegant Turquoise Living Room

  • New England mural in kid's room
    Blue Boy's Room With Cape Cod-Style Mural

  • Gray Kitchen with Blue Lower Cabinets
    Gray Mid-century Modern Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

  • Brown Bedroom With Large Window
    Brown Bedroom With Large Window

  • Stairwell With Ocean View
    White Stairwell With Ocean View

  • Coastal Bathroom With Blue Shade
    Coastal Small Bathroom With Blue Shade

  • Bedroom With Sky Ceiling
    Rococo White Bedroom With Sky Ceiling

  • Neutral Stone Patio and Pool with Potted Plants
    Colorful Neutral Stone Patio with Lush Potted Plants

  • Eclectic Orange Formal Dining Room
    Eclectic, Neon Orange Dining Room With Fireplace

  • Neutral Victorian Bedroom
    Neutral Victorian Bedroom With Four Poster Bedroom

  • Blue Armchairs with Swimmer Painting
    Beach House Sitting Area with Comfortable Chairs and Sunbather Painting

  • Neutral Dining Room With Stone Fireplace and Glass Dining Table
    Contemporary Dining Room With a Traditional Touch

  • Grandfather Clock and Chair
    Beach House Sitting Area Featuring Grandfather Clock and Contemporary Chair

  • Contemporary Light Gray Bedroom With Ocean Artwork and Ocean View
    Contemporary Gray Bedroom With Ocean View

  • Modern Kitchen with Giant Windows
    Modern Beach House Kitchen with Expansive Windows

  • Coastal Neutral Dining Room With Light Wood Table and Blue Art
    Beach-Inspired Dining Room Is Bright, Breezy

  • White farmhouse
    Charming White Farmhouse in Rhode Island