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  • Coastal Home With Pool at Night
    Nighttime Lighting at Coastal Home and Pool

  • Ideas for plantings around your swimming pool borders
    Pool with Nighttime Lighting on Plants and Landscape

  • Light Reflections on Surface of Swimming Pool Cast by House at Night
    Swimming Pool at Nighttime Reflects Lights From Contemporary Mansion

  • Extravagant Terrace and Pool
    Million Dollar Terrace

  • Inspiring examples of solariums, sun rooms and other covered spaces with swimming pools
    An Outdoor Pool Fitted with an Elegant Enclosure

  • Tuscan Covered Patio With Wood Ceiling and Stone Fireplace
    Tuscan-Style Outdoor Living Room Boasts Fireplace & TV

  • Brick Garden Pavilion
    Wisteria Framed Garden Pavilion With Lantern Lights Mounted on Brick Columns and Wrought Iron Chairs

  • Neutral Contemporary Living Room
    Neutral Contemporary Living Room With Dog

  • Fire Pit with Built-In Exotic Hardwood Bench
    Fire Pit with Built-In Exotic Hardwood Bench

  • pool and water feature with landscape lighting
    Landscape Lights Make for Easy Evening Outdoor Entertaining

  • Pond at Night
    Yard and Pond at Night

  • Backyard With Concrete Fire Pit
    Backyard With Concrete Fire Pit

  • Swimming Pool Illuminated at Night
    Swimming Pool, Spa and Fountain Highlighted by Lighting

  • Water Urns Lit Up at Night on the Patio
    Patio Water Urns at Night

  • Tropical Swimming Pool
    Tropical Swimming Pool With Smart Lighting

  • Rustic Stone Outdoor Fireplace
    Rustic Stone Outdoor Fireplace and Sofas

  • Unique Luminary Ideas
    Luminaries at Night

  • Modern Pool With Pergola
    Modern Swimming Pool and Pergola