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  • Traditional Exterior With Stone and Wood Siding
    Lakeside Retreat in New Hampshire

  • Orlando, FL

  • Rustic Living Room With Balcony
    Rustic Living Room With Balcony View

  • Green Barn Exterior
    Green Barn Exterior and Driveway

  • Green Barnand Fence
    Green Barn Exterior and Fence

  • Beach House Deck With View of Atlantic Ocean and Seating Area
    Deck Sitting Area Features Blue Cushions and Pillows Inspired by the Sea

  • Small Bathroom With Watery Blue Wallpaper
    Watery Blue Wallpaper Evokes Look of Ocean in Beach House Bathroom

  • Old World-style Design with Stone Exterior and Perennials
    Old World-style Garden Design and Architecture with Stone Exterior and Perennials

  • Coastal Style Master Bedroom With Blue Curtains and Comforter
    Soft Blue Accents, Plush Fabrics Create Serene Master Bedroom

  • Beach House Balcony With Views of Sand Dunes and Atlantic Ocean
    Beach House Balcony Offers Panoramic Views of Sand Dunes, Atlantic Ocean

  • Beach House Entry Mudroom With Bench, Hooks and Storage Bins
    Entry Mudroom Offers Spot to Shed and Store Sandy Shoes

  • Powder Room With Blue Subway Tile Wall
    Powder Room With Bold Blue Subway Tiles and Whimsical Light Fixture

  • Bathroom With Concrete Countertop, Trough Sink and Two Faucets
    Guest Bathroom Features Concrete Countertop and Trough Sink

  • Outdoor Sauna
    Portable Outdoor Sauna

  • Wooden Stairs With Bold Blue Railing and Glass Bottle Chandelier
    Stairs With Bold Blue Railing and Glass Bottle Chandelier

  • White Coastal Living Room With Views of Atlantic Ocean
    Third-Floor Living Room Offers Sweeping Views of Atlantic Ocean

  • Dining Room With Oversized Wood Table and West Elm Leather Chairs
    Dining Room Design is Balance With Elements Priced High and Low

  • Bunk Room With Space for Four to Sleep and Built-In Storage
    Bunk Room Provides Space for Children and Visitors Alike