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  • Transitional Pool With Native Landscaping
    Negative-Edge Pool Blends Nature With Modern

  • negative edge seating
    Negative Edge Seating Area with Post and Cable Railing

  • Negative Edge Swimming Pool
    Patio View of Negative Edge Swimming Pool in Modern Lake House Backyard

  • Modern Back Patio Swimming Pool
    Neutral Tile Patio Surrounds Negative Edge Swimming Pool in Lakeside Backyard Design

  • Modern Patio Swimming Pool
    Lakeside Patio Swimming Pool With Negative Edge, Fire Pit Accents and Underwater Lighting

  • Modern Swimming Pool
    Modern Negative Edge Swimming Pool With Tile Surface, Blue Pool Lights and Fire Pots

  • Contemporary Neutral Pool Patio
    Stone Tile Patio Surrounding Negative Edge Swimming Pool With Waterfall Feature and Retaining Wall

  • Contemporary Swimming Pool
    Mosaic Tile, Negative Edge Swimming Pool in Stylish Desert Backyard Patio With Retaining Wall Border

  • Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home Exterior With Fire Lined Patio, Negative Edge Swimming Pool and Bright, Warm Lighting

  • Modern Backyard Swimming Pool
    Sunset View of Lakeside Backyard Featuring Modern Swimming Pool With Negative Edge and In-Water Lighting

  • Outdoor Pool Waterfall and Dolphin Sculpture
    Dolphin Sculpture and Pool Waterfall

  • Contemporary Outdoor Space With Infinity Pool and Desert View
    Back Patio Features Infinity Pool and Striking Desert View

  • Mediterranean Style Swimming Pool
    Mediterranean-Style Infinity Pool On The Beach

  • Southwestern Oasis
    Contemporary Southwest Infinity Pool

  • Modern Infinity Pool In Switzerland
    Modern Infinity Pool With Wood Pool Deck

  • Hot Tub and Infinity Pool
    Hot Tub and Infinity Pool With Sound View

  • Transitional Backyard With Stone Steps, Large Urns
    Nature Meets Modern Backyard and Pool

  • Pool Waterfall, Natural Flower Beds, Landscaping
    Clean and Timeless Backyard With Stunning Waterfall