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  • Transitional Outdoor Patio With Pool, Wet Bar, Kitchen & Fireplace
    Luxurious Patio Living Space Features Infinity Spa, Fireplace & Television Above Outdoor Bar

  • Transitional Outdoor Living Space With Pool, Spa, Kitchen & Bar
    Luxurious Outdoor Living Space Features LED Glowing Pool & Spa, Outdoor Bar, Fireplace & Kitchen

  • White Living Room
    White Living Room With Marble Fireplace

  • Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition with Modern Home's Glass Front
    Home's Glass Front, Modern Interior Creates Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

  • White Contemporary Kitchen
    White, Open Plan Kitchen with Blue Island, Backsplash

  • HGTV Green Home 2011 Dining Room With a View
    Elegant Dining Room With a View

  • Large Windows in Beach Cottage Living Room
    Beach Cottage Living Room with Large Windows

  • Traditional Luxury Bathroom with Picture Window
    Traditional Luxury Bathroom with Picture Window

  • White Contemporary Living Room With Open Floor Plan & White Sofas
    Contemporary White Living Room Features Balcony Access

  • Dining Room with Rustic Dining Table and Bench Seating
    Rustic Dining Table and Bench Seating Creates Design Focal Point in Dining Room

  • Dracaena, Silver Pothos, Aglaonema, Spider Plant
    Quartet Of Variegated Houseplants

  • Columbia County Farmhouse in Mountains
    Elegant Georgia Farmhouse in Columbia County Mountains

  • Decorating with Plants and Candles
    Candles and Plants as Accessories

  • White Open-Concept Kitchen and Dining Area
    Modern White Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Area With Pond View

  • One With Nature Design Aided by Infinity Pool
    Infinity Pool Helps Modern Home's Exterior Become One with Nature

  • Passive Flow Rain Garden
    Rain Garden By Driveway

  • Mulched Asparagus Bed
    Sprinkler Watering Asparagus