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  • Hot Tub Deck
    In-Ground Hot Tub With Built-in Corner Bench and Fire Pit

  • White Mid-Century Modern Kitchen
    Open Plan Kitchen with Mid-Century Modern Style

  • Custom Counts

  • Neutral Transitional Kitchen
    Open Transitional Kitchen With Skylight Beams, Marble Island Top and Teak Cabinetry

  • Bright Living Space With Room Divider and Glass-Topped Dining Table
    Contemporary Dining Room With Gold Screen Divider

  • A Study In Neutrals

  • Glass Jar Terrarium with Orchid
    Glass Jar Terrarium with Orchid

  • Transitional Open Living Room With Tongue-and-Groove Ceiling
    Transitional Neutral Open Living Room With Chandelier and Ornate Art

  • White Contemporary Living Room with Triangular Black Chair
    Contemporary White Living Room With Triangular Black Leather Chair

  • Desert Surroundings with Complementary Landscape Design
    Landscape Design Complements Desert Surroundings

  • Neutral Colonial Exterior With Stone & Shingle Siding
    Gorgeous Colonial Home

  • Modern Glass Terrarium on Wood
    Modern Glass Terrarium on Wood

  • Decorating with Plants and Candles
    Candles and Plants as Accessories

  • Beverly Hills Luxury Closet
    Beverly Hills Luxury Closet

  • Estate in Pemberton Valley
    Aerial View: Pemberton Valley, British Columbia

  • Exterior of Estate in Pemberton
    Exterior: Rustic Charm in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada