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  • contemporary outdoor space
    Ornamental Grasses Create Natural Boundary

  • Fake Grass at a Beachfront Home
    Ferry Tales: Artificial Grass in Guana Cay

  • Retaining Wall Landscaping
    Ornamental Grass Landscaping With Natural Stone Retaining Wall

  • Landscaped Yard
    Ornamental Grass Planted Yard Sections With Natural Stone Retaining Wall

  • stream
    Go for Grasses

  • Gold Ornamental Grass For Shade
    Japanese Forest Grass

  • Ornamental Grass For Fall Interest
    Feather Reed Grass

  • White and Brown Contemporary Kitchen
    Kitchen Strikes Balance Between Natural Tones, Contemporary Finishes

  • Pair of Patio Chairs Next to Mirror-Glass Swimming Pool
    Natural Layers

  • Bushes, Grass and Wildflowers in Front of White House
    Natural Border

  • Flowers and grasses on a terrace.
    Natural Gardens

  • Walkway Lined With Grasses Leads to White Foursquare House
    Natural Beauty

  • luxury vacation home on island
    Ornamental Grasses Decorate Island

  • Pool House and Grasses
    Pool House and Grasses

  • Elevated Stone Hot Tub
    Natural Stone Hot Tub Edge With Matching Retaining Wall Below Hillside Planted Ornamental Grass

  • Cottage Pool and Storage
    Swimming Pool and Cottage Storage Shed With Natural Rock Wall and Decorative Grass Checked Floor

  • coastal yard with walkway
    Path Lined With Ornamental Grasses

  • Walkway and Landscaping
    Walkway and Landscaping With Grasses