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  • Narrow, Functional Bathroom
    Functional, Narrow Bathroom

  • Gray Brick Exterior With Window, Gray Siding and Colorful Landscaping
    Narrow White Window

  • Urban Backyard
    Narrow Urban Backyard

  • White Home Exterior With Tall, Narrow Window and Colorful Landscaping
    Narrow White Window

  • Lap Pools for Small or Narrow Yards
    Narrow Raised Lap Pool

  • Narrow Walk-in Closet
    Narrow Walk-in Closet

  • Narrow Backyard
    Narrow Backyard and Patio

  • Narrow Fountain
    Narrow Fountain and Pool

  • Narrow Hallway Brought to Life with Artwork
    Art Livens Up Narrow Hallway

  • Narrow, Neutral Contemporary Living Room
    Narrow, Neutral Contemporary Living Room

  • Patio and Narrow Lawn
    Backyard Patio and Narrow Lawn

  • White Open Kitchen With Long Island and Silver Pendants
    Coastal Kitchen With Narrow Island

  • Narrow Waterfront Backyard
    Narrow Waterfront Backyard and Pool

  • Hallway With Artwork and Ornate Mirror
    Narrow Hallway With Ornate Mirror

  • Maple tree with narrow crotch angle
    Narrow Crotch Angle on Tree

  • White Coastal Hall With Striped Runner & Shiplap Walls
    Narrow Hallway to Open, Coastal Kitchen

  • Fenced-In Patio With Pond, Woven Chaises and Lush Landscaping
    Narrow Patio Boasts Multiple Living Spaces

  • Neutral Modern Hall
    Modern Narrow Hallway With Thin Windows