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  • Blue Nantucket Cottage-Style Exterior with Neutral Wood Door
    Blue Nantucket Cottage-Style Home

  • Vacation Home Exterior
    Lakeside Vacation Home Exterior

  • Neutral Transitional Sitting Room
    Transitional Sitting Room With Monogrammed Armchairs

  • Coastal Lakefront Patio
    Coastal Lakefront Patio With Barstools

  • Porch and Shingle Siding
    Porch With Shingle Siding

  • Patio With Corner Fireplace
    Coastal Patio With Corner Fireplace

  • Purple, Orange and Blue Artwork Hanging Over Crisp White Bed
    White Transitional Hotel Room With Colorful Artwork

  • White Upholstered Chairs and Wicker Chairs Create Sitting Areas
    White Transitional Hotel Great Room

  • Light Wood Canopy Bed With White Bedding in Hotel Room
    Neutral Transitional Hotel Bedroom With Canopy Bed

  • Blue Rug and Stair Runner Match Abstract Painting in Hotel Hallway
    Neutral Transitional Hotel Hallway With Colorful Accents

  • Breakfast Nook With Americana Pillows
    White Breakfast Nook With Americana Pillows

  • White Wicker Coffee Table and Upholstered Armchair Near Dining Nook
    White Transitional Hotel Dining Nook Adjacent to Sitting Area

  • White Living Space With Wicker Chairs, Sofa and Small Dining Table
    White Transitional Hotel Living Space

  • White Traditional Home Exterior
    Contemporary Waterfront Beach House

  • Transform a Plain Fireplace With a Mural
    Transform a Plain Fireplace With a Mural

  • Neutral Coastal Living Space With High Ceilings
    Coastal Living Room With Dramatic Chandelier