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  • Modern and Traditional Styles Blend in Dining Room
    Dining Room that Blends Modern and Traditional Styles

  • Modern and Rustic Styles Blend with Color and Accessories
    Color and Accessories Blend Modern and Rustic Styles

  • White Farmhouse Bathroom
    Farmhouse Bathroom with Contemporary, Traditional Touches

  • Modern California Home With Modern Swimming Pool
    Ultra Modern California Home With Backyard Swimming Pool

  • White Modern Living Room
    White, Modern Living Room with Bold Color, Pattern

  • White Modern Dining Room
    White, Modern Dining Room in Renovated Farmhouse

  • Modern Dining Room With Traditional Decor
    Modern-Style Dining Room With Classic Touches

  • Rustic Modern Front Porch
    Rustic-Modern Front Porch on Newly Built Farmhouse

  • Hallway Updated by Ambient Lighting and Modern Art Collection
    Ambient Light and Modern Art Collection Update Pre-Depression Era Hallway

  • child's room
    A Room of Their Own