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  • Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home Exterior with Brick, Wood Facade

  • Modern House With Concrete and Wood Exterior
    Modern Mixed Material Facade

  • Light Green Contemporary Exterior With Fossilized Stone & Wood Siding
    Contemporary Facade With Wood & Stone Siding

  • Cedar Wood Exterior With Windows and Garage Door
    Exterior Facade of a Modern Wood Home in the Mountains

  • Exterior of Modern Gray Home
    Facade of a Modern Home Made from Wood, Metal and Glass

  • Exterior Entryway
    Mulholland Drive Facade and Entry

  • Grass between Concrete Stairs
    Facade of a Modern Home Featuring Floating Concrete Stairs Separated By Grass Strips

  • Modern Wood & Glass Exterior
    Modern Wood and Glass House in California

  • Modern Wood House Exterior
    Modern Wood and Glass Home in California

  • Trees, Plants and Modern Home
    Wood, Concrete and Glass Modern Home in a Forest of Trees and Plants

  • White Modern Exterior With Tropical Landscape
    Chic Modern Home Exterior

  • Front Exterior of Modern Home With Stacked Stone, Wood and Stucco
    Modern Home Boasts Cantilevered Roof

  • Modern Home With Stone Exterior
    Modern Home With Stone Exterior

  • Modern Wood House Exterior
    Modern California Home on Sloped Lot

  • Modern Home With Landscaped Front Yard, Palm Trees
    Modern Home With Welcoming Front Entryway

  • Modern Home With Curb Appeal, Front Yard
    Modern Florida Home With Curb Appeal

  • One With Nature Design Aided by Infinity Pool
    Infinity Pool Helps Modern Home's Exterior Become One with Nature

  • Brick Commercial Building with Large Windows in the Evening
    Street View Prospector Theater