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  • Kitchen and Dining Areas with Views of Courtyard
    Courtyard Statues are Visible from Kitchen and Dining Areas

  • Whimsical Statue at Modern Home
    Modern Home with Whimsical Statue

  • Dining Room With Statues
    Modern Dining Room With Statues

  • Midcentury Modern Foyer with Vintage Horses and Modern Art
    Vintage Horse Statues and Modern Art in Midcentury Modern Foyer

  • Oriental Hun Statue
    Oriental Hun Statue

  • Terra Cotta Hun Statues
    Terra Cotta Hun Statues

  • Asian Garden and Patio
    Asian Garden and Patio With Goddess Statue

  • Grecian Statue Towel Holder on Wood and Marble Vanity in Orange Bathroom
    Grecian Statue Towel Holder in Orange Bathroom

  • Modern White Sitting Room
    Artsy Modern Living Room With White Leather Chair and Matching Ottoman and Floating Shelf Statue Display

  • Modern White Living Room
    Modern Living Room With Artistic Floating Shelf Statue Display, White Leather Chair and Black Wood Flooring

  • Neutral Background Makes Bright Statues Pop
    Alabrije Collection of Statues Adds Pops of Color to Neutral Background

  • Home Office with Modern Design
    Modern Home Office

  • Modern bar with low profile stools
    Sleek Modern Bar

  • Modern, Neutral Living Room
    Sleek, Modern Living Room

  • Colorful Decorations
    Modern Family Room Decor

  • Foyer With Black Bench
    Modern Foyer With Black Bench

  • Modern White Foyer and Stairs
    Modern Entryway With Artistic Architecture

  • Asian Inspired Dining Room
    Modern, Asian Inspired Dining Room