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  • Zen Garden Water Feature
    Zen Garden Water Feature

  • Large White Modern Home with Retaining Wall and Driveway
    The Hardscape Features Mimic the Simple Lines of the Modern Home

  • Modern Farm House With Metal Roof And Sliding Barn Doors
    Modern Woodside Farm With Metal Roof And Sliding Barn Doors

  • Modern Front Exterior With Pond
    Front Yard Features Clean Landscape Design

  • Modern Front Exterior With Stone & Gravel Walkway
    Modern Home With Large Wood Front Door & Fire Feature

  • Modern Home Exterior
    Wood and Brick Modern Home Exterior

  • Modern Front Exterior
    Modern Home Boasts Streamlined Landscape

  • White Midcentury-Modern House With Ornamental Grass in Planters
    Angular Midcentury-Modern White Home Exterior With Ornamental Grasses

  • Modern backyards
    Lights Illuminate Infinity-Edge Pool at Night

  • Rock Patio With Modern Dining Set
    Back Patio With Tiered Garden & Modern Dining Table and Chairs

  • Modern Home with Large Patio Pavers
    Modern Home with Oversized Patio Pavers

  • Midcentury Modern Exterior With Cement Patio and Chairs
    Cement Patio With Cantilevered Roof

  • Moden Home With Two Color Exterior
    Smart Contemporary Home

  • Exterior Modern Concrete Home With Balcony
    View From A Balcony: Modernity at its Finest

  • Modern Home Exterior With Low-Maintenance Landscaping
    Modern Home Features Crescent Design

  • Modern Brick Home
    Modern Brick Home

  • Modern Stairs in California Home
    Neutral, Modern Stairs and Living Space with Wood Ceiling

  • Modern Desert Home With Desert Landscaping
    Luxurious Modern Desert Home With Mountain Views