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  • Exterior and Entrance of Modern Home
    Intricate Modern Façade

  • Modern Multi-Colored Facade
    Modern Home Facade

  • Green Modern Exterior With Stone & Wood Accents
    Strong Lines in Modern Facade

  • Modern Front Facade of Redesigned Home
    Redesigned Home's Modern Front Facade

  • Home's Modern Facade Supported by Retaining Wall
    Retaining Wall Runs Through the Property to Support the Home's Modern Facade

  • Modern House With Concrete and Wood Exterior
    Modern Mixed Material Facade

  • Exterior of Gray Modern Home From Backyard
    Modern Home & Backyard

  • Gray Modern Exterior
    Modern House with Artful Facade

  • Neutral Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home with Stone, Glass Facade

  • Modern Home Exterior With Limestone Base and Ipe Screen
    Modern Home Features Stunning Ipe Facade

  • Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home Exterior with Brick, Wood Facade

  • Red Cedar Wood Exterior
    Exterior Facade of a Modern Mountain Home

  • Gray Modern Home Exterior
    Modern House with Stone and Concrete Facade

  • Neutral Modern Home Exterior, Driveway and Landscaped Front Yard
    Modern, Natural Curb Appeal

  • Cedar Wood Exterior With Windows and Garage Door
    Exterior Facade of a Modern Wood Home in the Mountains

  • Exterior Entryway
    Mulholland Drive Facade and Entry

  • Exterior of Modern Gray Home
    Facade of a Modern Home Made from Wood, Metal and Glass

  • Modern Kitchen with Extra Storage
    Drawers Disguised as Cabinets Create More Stylish Storage for This Modern Kitchen