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  • White Dining Room with Glass Light Fixture, Brown Wood Table
    White Cottage Dining Room with Glass Light Fixture

  • Gray And White Transitional Dining Room With Leather Bench Seating
    Transitional Style Dining Room With Unique Light Fixture

  • Yellow Dining Room with Silver Light Fixture
    Contemporary Yellow Dining Room with Silver Light Fixture

  • Light Fixture With Snowflakes
    Light Fixture With Snowflakes

  • Gray Midcentury Modern Dining Room
    Crystal Fringed Light Fixture Over Midcentury Modern Dining Room With Plate Wall

  • Dining Table With Contemporary Plant Centerpiece
    Dining Room With Modern Lighting

  • Modern Furniture and Light Fixture in Neutral Nursery
    Neutral Nursery with Modern Furniture and Light Fixture

  • Bold Living Room with Midcentury Modern Light Fixture
    Midcentury Modern Light Fixture in Bold Living Room

  • Clean Lines, Lots of Light, Striking Chandelier in Modern Kitchen
    Modern Kitchen with Clean Lines, Striking Light Fixture

  • Modern Gray Kitchen
    Modern Gray Kitchen with Industrial Style Light Fixture

  • Eclectic Living Room
    Bohemian Living Room With Striking Modern Light Fixture

  • Gray and White Bedroom With Metal Light Fixture
    Modern Master Bedroom With Artistic Metal Light Fixture

  • Eclectic Public Dining Room
    Public Dining Room With Wood Tables, Green Lit Bottle Storage Accent Wall and Artistic Modern Light Fixture

  • Close Up Of Modern Chandelier Hanging Above Dining Room Table
    Dining Table With Modern Chandelier

  • Modern Chic Light Fixture
    Sleek Dining Room Table and Lighting

  • Contemporary Dining Table
    Contemporary Dining Table and Pendant Light

  • Edison Lights in Dining Room
    Edison Lights Hang Above Dining Table

  • Dining Table and Silver Pendants
    Dining Table and Silver Pendant Lights