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  • Courtyard Design for Modern Spanish Colonial
    Modern Spanish Colonial Courtyard Design

  • Metal Gate in Modern Courtyard
    Metal Gate in Modern Courtyard

  • Kitchen and Dining Areas with Views of Courtyard
    Courtyard Statues are Visible from Kitchen and Dining Areas

  • Underground Outdoor Area With Modern Black Chairs and Fire Pit
    Cozy Underground Courtyard Boasts Modern Fire Pit

  • Modern Living Room and Deck
    Living Room and Deck With Sliding Door

  • Glass Window Facing Outdoor Gravel Courtyard With Large Stones
    Contemporary Gravel Courtyard With Large Boulder Accents

  • Modern Concrete Patio With Light Wood Table & Metal Chairs
    Outdoor Dining Area Overlooks Courtyard

  • White, Modern Dining Room
    Modern Dining Room in Unique Glass House

  • Glass House and Modern Courtyard
    Modern Glass House with Modern Courtyard

  • U-Shaped Glass House
    U-Shaped Glass House in Lugano

  • Front Yard and Courtyard Connection with Glass
    Glass Draws Connection Between the Front Yard and Courtyard

  • Modern House with Glass Exterior
    Modern Home with Glass Exterior in Switzerland

  • contemporary courtyard with wood ceiling
    Courtyard Showcases Sansevieria Plants

  • modern home
    Modern Home Designed Around Tropical Garden

  • Modern Courtyard
    Modern Entry Courtyard With Painted Brick Walls

  • Modern Kitchen With Large Island for Entertaining
    Sophisticated Kitchen With a Warm, Modern Style

  • Contemporary Modern Outdoor Dining Room
    Al Fresco Dining in Contemporary Courtyard

  • modern courtyard
    Central Courtyard Boasts Pool and More