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  • Kids' Drawing Placed on Ledge
    Mix + Match

  • Guest Bedroom With Cowboy Boots
    Mix and Match

  • Bed With Identical White Nightstands and Tripod Lamps on Either Side
    Mix and Match

  • Mix and Match

  • Eclectic Living Room
    Mix and Match

  • Bedspread With Gray, Tan and White Stripes Tops Wood-Framed Bed
    Mix and Match

  • Neutral Room With Built-In Day Bed & Checked Ottomans
    Mix-And-Match Patterns

  • Outdoor Dining Area
    Mix and Match Textures

  • Plates Mixed and Matched
    Mix and Match Plates

  • Varied Christmas Decorations
    Mix and Match Christmas Decorations

  • Wedding lighting
    Mix and Match Wedding Lighting

  • Gray Dining Room with Wingback Dining Chairs
    Gray Dining Room with Mix-and-Match Chairs

  • Chic Table Setting With Patterned Napkins and White Vintage Dinnerware
    Mix and Match Table Setting From Sarah Sees Potential

  • Multiple Patterns in Bedroom
    An Eclectic Bedroom With Blue Walls and Mix and Matched Patterns

  • Mix and match shape, color, and texture for an eclectic vibe.

  • Bedroom With Black Table Lamp
    Neutral Transitional Bedroom With Black Lamp

  • Eclectic Living Room With Gray Sofa
    Eclectic Living Room With Dark Gray Sofa

  • Blue Gray Art Deco Bedroom
    Blue Gray Art Deco Bedroom With Tufted Headboard