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  • Cercis Canadensis ‘Minnesota Strain’
    ‘Minnesota Strain’ Redbud

  • Restaurant Interior Full of People
    Minnesota Restaurant With Authentic Local Charm

  • Peanut butter and bacon sandwich at Target Field
    PB & Bacon Sandwich at Target Field, Home of the Minnesota Twins

  • Cov Restaurant Dining Rooms
    Cov Restaurant Indoor and Outdoor Dining

  • Restaurant Patio
    Restaurant Patio With Fire Pit

  • Cov Restaurant
    Cov Restaurant Exterior

  • Restaurant With Red Flowers
    Restaurant With Red Flowers

  • Lakefront Outdoor Dining Room
    Outdoor Dining Room With Lake View

  • Lantern on Post
    Lantern and Dogs Welcome Sign

  • Cov Restaurant Exterior
    Cov Restaurant Exterior

  • Deck With Outdoor Kitchen
    Deck With Outdoor Kitchen

  • Exterior View of Foursquare White House With Black Trim
    Monochromatic Oasis

  • Bedspread With Gray, Tan and White Stripes Tops Wood-Framed Bed
    Mix and Match

  • Large Framed Photos of Red Nordic Cabins in Bright White Stairwell
    Stairway Exploration

  • Neutral Master Bedroom
    Traditional Master Bedroom

  • Shade Garden with Boulders and Pavers
    Shade Garden with Boulders and Pavers

  • Framed Photograph Above White Hook-Rack Storage Shelf
    Sense of Scandinavian Place

  • Porch Swings
    Porch Swing Seating