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  • Danish Minimalism in NYC's 11 Howard
    Danish Minimalism in NYC's 11 Howard

  • White Contemporary Kitchen with Gray and Black Backsplash
    Minimalism Kitchen with Wine Rack

  • Modern White Bedroom With Dark Wood Bed and Nesting Tables
    Modern White Bedroom With Minimalist Design

  • Modern White Living Space
    Open Floor Plan Living Space With Modern Design, High White Walls and Minimalist Dining Set Up

  • Contemporary Office With Wood Table, Black Chairs & Concrete Floor
    Contemporary Conference Room Features Sleek Lines and Cool Glass Walls

  • Neutral Modern Bedroom
    Modern Bedroom with Glass Exterior Walls

  • Neutral Modern Master Bathroom
    Sleek and Modern Master Bath with Rustic Accent Wall

  • Neutral Modern Living Room
    Neutral, Modern and Minimal Living Room

  • Neutral Modern Living Space
    Open-Concept Living Space with Modern Lines, Organic Materials

  • Neutral, Modern Dining Room
    Modern Dining Room with Mid-Century Styling

  • White Living Room With Gray Sofa, Red Chair and Red Ottoman
    Minimalist Living Room With Cowhide Rug

  • White Modern Sitting Room
    Modern Master Bedroom Sitting Area

  • Glass House and Modern Courtyard
    Modern Glass House with Modern Courtyard

  • Neutral Modern Stairway and Loft
    Modern Stairwell and Sleeping Loft with Natural Finishes

  • Bedroom With Brown Grid Ceiling, Two-Toned Wood Floors & Long Gray Rug
    Minimalist Bedroom With Two-Toned Wood Flooring

  • Neutral Modern Bathroom
    Modern Bathroom in Mountain Getaway

  • Neutral Modern Bedroom
    Neutral, Modern Bedroom with Loads of Windows

  • Neutral Modern Master Bath
    Neutral, Modern Master Bath with Concrete Tub