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  • Low Maintenance Outdoor Space With Gravel Pathway & Ornamental Grass
    Small Low Maintenance Garden Features Low Water Plants

  • Modern Exterior: Orange
    Minimal Foundation: Front Entry

  • Terrariums in Front of Brick Wall
    Terrariums in Front of Brick Wall

  • Modern Adobe Home Exterior
    Modern Home Exterior

  • modern courtyard
    Modern Courtyard With Water, Stone Bridge

  • modern front yard
    Modern Home With Low-Water Landscaping

  • Contemporary Backyard With Concrete Paver Walkway, Pea Gravel
    Contemporary Backyard With Low-Water Landscape

  • Mediterranean stone pool-side patio with water features and view.
    Mediterranean Stone Pool-Side Patio with Water Features

  • Balcony With Lounge Chair
    Balcony With Lounge Chair and View of Water

  • White Modern Exterior With Water Feature
    Front Entrance to Beach House With Linear Water Feature

  • modern master bedroom with black headboard
    Luxe Master Bedroom With Black Headboard

  • Pool and Patio Area
    Mediterranean Rectangular Pool

  • modern pond
    Sleek Pond Draws the Eye to Tree Line

  • Geometric Pool With Neutral Decking and Raised Hot Tub
    Modern Pool and Hot Tub With Neutral Decking

  • Modern living room
    Modern Living Room Plays With Light and Shadow

  • Ratibida Columnifera ‘Red Midget’
    Mexican Hat Plant

  • Backyard with ocean views
    Backyard Includes Ocean Views, Natural Barriers

  • Minimal Foundation: Exterior Footprint
    Upper Floors Cantilever: Home Exterior