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  • Meg Caswell Sitting in Armchair
    Meg Caswell, Host of HGTV's Meg's Great Rooms

  • Meg's Great Rooms Behind the Scenes With Host Meg Caswell
    Meg Caswell, Host of Meg's Great Rooms on HGTV

  • Smiling Brunette Leaning on Fabric-Covered Table
    Meet the Host of Meg's Great Rooms: Meg Caswell

  • Meg's Great Rooms Host Meg Caswell's Head Shot
    Meg Caswell, Host of Meg's Great Rooms on HGTV

  • Meg Caswell with Suzette and Dee Snider
    Dee Snider and His Wife Suzette with Designer Meg Caswell

  • White Building With Glass Windows and Green Bushes
    Outdoor Walkway With Abundant Green Plants

  • Front Yard With Concrete Walkway, Stairs, Stone Edging and Green Plants
    Light Gray Home Exterior With Lush Green Landscaping

  • Front Yard With Green Trees, Gray Porch and Orb-Shaped Art
    Gravel Courtyard With Gray Deck and Globe Sculptures

  • Rustic Storage Unit Near In-Ground Hot Tub
    Contemporary Spa and Rustic Storage Unit

  • Outdoor Dining Area With Glass Chandelier
    A Bespoke Outdoor Dining Room

  • Patio With Dense Green Plants, Modern Fireplace and Stone Bench
    Courtyard With Stone Patio and Modern Fire Table

  • White Bathroom with Pink Door
    Hot Pink Bath Entry

  • Gray Wood Deck With Metal Swing and Industrial Sconces
    Gray Porch Boasts Contemporary Metal Hanging Chair

  • White Stone Pool Deck
    Contemporary Gray and White Patio

  • Modern Swing on Gray Porch
    Contemporary Country Porch

  • White Contemporary Pool Deck
    Contemporary Swimming Pool

  • Green Lawn With Hedge, Red Tree and Small Stone Wall
    Backyard Landscape With Red Japanese Maple Tree

  • Gray Pergola With String Lights Over Fire Pit
    Contemporary Fire Pit Under Pergola