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  • Backyard Spiritual Tent
    Backyard Meditation Pavilion

  • Asian-Inspired Meditation Room With Buddha Statue
    Asian-Inspired Meditation Room

  • Master Bedroom with Meditation Space
    Meditation Space in Master Bedroom

  • modern master bathroom
    Master Bath Overlooks Meditation Garden

  • Small meditation room looks out on a colorful perennial bed.
    Small Meditation Room In Garden

  • A hammock on a flagstone patio
    A Relaxing Outdoor Meditation Deck

  • Neutral Room With Fireplace and Wall of Windows
    Relaxing Meditation Room With Wall of Windows

  • Meditation Room With Hammock And Wall Mural
    Modern Apartment Meditation Room With Hammock And Wall Mural

  • Small Asian-Style Backyard Space With Green Plants and Orange Accents
    Backyard Meditation Space With Orange Wall and Small Buddha Bust

  • Zen garden courtyard
    Japanese Zen Garden With Buddha Statue

  • Asian Garden Statue Surrounded by Bamboo
    Asian Style Garden Featuring Buddha Surrounded by Bamboo

  • Desert Outdoor Living With Water Feature and Fireplace
    Rustic Desert Oasis With Soothing Water Feature

  • Grass Terraces
    Grass Terraces With Rocks

  • Zen Garden with Asian Inspiration
    Asian Inspired Zen Garden

  • Front Door: Expansive Estate in Robbys Creek, Australia
    Front Door and Deck: Expansive Estate in Robbys Creek, Australia

  • Garden and Pool House
    Garden and Stone Pool House

  • Zen Garden with Water Fountain and Bonsai Trees
    Zen Garden with Water Feature and Bonsai Trees

  • Neutral Rustic Bedroom
    Neutral Rustic Bedroom With Stone Wall