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  • Waterfall and Pond
    Water Feature Focal Point

  • Backyard With Three Levels Viewed From Above
    White Deck and Terraced Backyard Seen From Above

  • Large Distressed-Metal Planters in a Fenced Backyard
    Fenced Backyard With Oversized Metal Planters in White Gravel

  • Miniature Boat on Dock
    Dock with Miniature Boat

  • Baseball-Themed Deck and Multilevel Backyard
    Aerial View of Baseball-Themed Deck and Multilevel Backyard

  • Backyard Deck and Bar Area by Yard Crashers
    Yard Crashers Renovated Backyard Entertainment Area

  • Patio With Sunken Sitting Area and Waterfall
    Sunken Outdoor Living Room With Waterfall

  • Living Room with Neutral Tones and Patterns
    Neutral Tones and Patterns In Living Room

  • Eclectic Backyard With Fire Pit, Stone Patio, Outdoor Bar
    L-Shaped Fire Pit on Backyard Patio

  • Outdoor Media Room With Red & White Planters, Water Feature
    Outdoor Home Theater With Concessions

  • Lake View From Window Bench
    Window Bench with Lake View

  • Backyard With Sitting Area, Pavers, Tire Swing & Ornamental Grass
    Eclectic Backyard With Tire Swing

  • Backyard With Stone Fire Pit and Hot Tub
    Backyard Spa Retreat

  • Lake View from Neutral Sitting Room
    Neutral Sitting Room with Lake View

  • Lush Landscape With Waterfall, Stumps & River Rocks
    Backyard Waterfall With Dry Creek Bed

  • Nautical Themed Modern Living Room
    Modern Living Room with Nautical Theme

  • Backyard Patio with Plenty of Seating and Good Ambiance
    Cozy Inviting Backyard Patio