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  • Newly Renovated Master Suite with Chip Wade
    Chip Poses in the Olsons' Master Suite

  • Blue Armchair and Fireplace in Master Bedroom
    Blue Armchair and Fireplace in Reading Nook of Master Bedroom

  • Vintage Dresser and Hardwood Flooring
    Vintage Dresser in Contemporary Master Bedroom

  • Master Suite in Attic
    Attic Master Suite

  • Master Bathroom Oasis with Elegant Design
    Elegant Master Bathroom Oasis

  • Beverly Hills Luxury Closet
    Beverly Hills Luxury Closet

  • Estate in Pemberton Valley
    Aerial View: Pemberton Valley, British Columbia

  • Exterior of Estate in Pemberton
    Exterior: Rustic Charm in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada