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  • Exterior Overview: Grand Manor in Greenwich, Conn.
    Exterior Overview: Grand Manor in Greenwich, Conn.

  • View From Above of Tudor Mansion
    Aerial View of Tudor Manor on Estate

  • Oceanfront Estate
    Three-Story Oceanfront Estate

  • Wine In Cans

  • Rehab Addict Host Nicole Curtis Lays Cement
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Lays New Concrete Floor

  • Swiss Villa Sauna

  • McConkey Residence
    McConkey Residence, San Diego

  • Book Collectors’ Paradise
    Book Collectors’ Paradise

  • Spiced Coco

  • Neutral Palette Brightens Restored Living Room
    Rehab Addict: Restored Living Room with Neutral Palette

  • Nicole CUrtis Learns how to Lay Cement on Rehab Addict Season 5
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Works with Concrete Crew

  • Beverly Hills Luxury Closet
    Beverly Hills Luxury Closet

  • Historic Smithfield Cottage