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  • Well-Manicured Front Garden
    Manicured Front Garden

  • outdoor sitting area with plants
    Manicured Grounds Surround Sitting Area

  • Front Yard With Zen Garden, Wood Fence and Stone Walkway
    Manicured Front Yard With Zen Design

  • Landscaped front entryway in Georgia
    Landscaped Front Entryway with Plants and Stone Walls

  • Neutral Home Exterior
    Neutral Home Exterior With Ornamental Grass Planted Yard Sections

  • Boxwood and Ivy in Urn
    Urn With Boxwood and Ivy

  • Garden Nook With Various Plants Bordered By Lush Green Grass
    Patio Garden

  • View From Under a Covered Patio Looking at Lush Lawn & Small Plantings
    Lush Lawn With Flowering Shrubs

  • Front Yard Garden With Koi Pond
    Welcoming Front Yard With Garden and Koi Pond

  • Backyard With Lawns
    Backyard With Lawns and Paths

  • Bonsai

  • Rustic Stone Garden Bench
    Rustic Stone Garden Bench

  • Layers of pruned boxwood in a formal garden
    Layers of Pruned Boxwood in a Formal English Garden