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  • Modern Bathroom with Wood Walls
    Modern Bathroom in Lugano, Switzerland

  • Glass House in Lugano
    Luxury 'Glass House' in Lugano, Switzerland

  • White, Modern Glass House
    Glass House on Lake Lugano, Switzerland

  • U-Shaped Glass House
    U-Shaped Glass House in Lugano

  • Glass House in Switzerland
    Modern 'Glass House' with Lake Lugano View

  • Glass House in Lugano, Switzerland
    Lugano Home with Glass Walls, Sweeping Views

  • White, Modern Bedroom in Lugano
    Modern Bedroom in Switzerland 'Glass House'

  • Sleek, Modern Living Room
    Sleek, Modern Living Room in Lugano

  • White Modern Dining Room
    Modern, White Dining Room in Luxury Lugano Home

  • Modern Glass House with Curved Walls
    Modern, Glass House with Lake Lugano Views

  • Glass House in Lugano, Switzerland
    Glass House at One with Zen Courtyard

  • Traditional Terrace in Switzerland
    Terrace Overlooking Swiss Views

  • Modern House with Curved Glass Walls
    Modern Glass House with Streamlined Interiors

  • White, Modern Dining Room
    Modern Dining Room in Unique Glass House

  • Modern Kitchen in Lugano
    Streamlined Kitchen in Modern, Glass-Walled Home

  • Rooftop Terrace With View Of Hillside Residences Across The Lake
    Private Rooftop Terrace With Lake Lugano Views

  • White, Modern, Minimal Living Room
    White, Modern Living Room with Built-Ins

  • White, Modern Living-Dining Room
    Modern, Minimal Living and Dining Room in Lugano