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  • Traditional White Mudroom
    Traditional Mudroom With Blue Cubby Storage, Brick Floor and Upper and Lower Storage Cabinets

  • Gray Transitional Mudroom With Upper & Lower Wood Cubbies
    Elegant Mudroom Features Wooden Storage Shelves

  • Toy Corner in Playroom
    Play Corner Tucked Under Low Ceiling Includes Fun Storage Options

  • Art Tv and Red Table
    Low-Profile Smart TV

  • Kitchen Counter With Oranges
    Tons of Storage

  • Platform bed offers six storage drawers.
    Sleek Modular Storage

  • Round Window and Cabinet
    Round Window and Low Cabinet

  • Neutral, Contemporary Bedroom With Leather Bed and Open Nightstand
    Low, Streamlined Furniture in Contemporary Bedroom

  • Storage Baskets for Kids
    Storage Baskets for Kids

  • Adjustable Closet Storage System
    Adjustable Closet Storage System

  • Utilize Nooks for Storage
    Utilize Nooks for Storage

  • White Shoe Storage Cabinet
    White Shoe Storage Cabinet

  • Transitional Neutral Bar and Lounge
    Low Light, Cozy Bar and Lounge With Glass Storage Cabinets Over Tile Bar Backsplash and Gray Leather Armchairs

  • Neutral Traditional Game Room
    Low Light Wood Game Room With Coffered Ceiling, Neutral Felt Top Pool Table and Built in Cabinet Storage

  • Neutral Kitchen with Wooden Lower Cabinet Storage
    Contemporary Neutral Kitchen with Wooden Lower Cabinets

  • Modular Storage in Kid's Playroom
    Modular Storage in Kid's Playroom

  • White Cabinets in Contemporary Kitchen
    Upper and Lower Cabinetry in Bright White Kitchen

  • Playroom Space Featuring Low Shelves and High Cabinets
    Playroom Space With Low Shelves and High Cabinets