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  • Breakfast Bar and Farmhouse Table Provides Seating for Family
    Farmhouse Table and Breakfast Bar Provide Seating

  • Breakfast Bar with Caesar Stone Countertop
    Caesar Stone Countertop on Breakfast Bar

  • Vintage Touches in Contemporary Bedroom
    Contemporary Bedroom with Vintage Touches

  • Plenty of Space in Family Room
    Family Room with Plenty of Space to Gather

  • Functional Laundry Room with New Appliances
    New Appliances in Functional Laundry Room

  • Dining Room and Kitchen with Open Concept
    Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Ensuite with Modern Designe
    Modernized Master Ensuite

  • Family Room that is Bright and Inviting
    Bright Inviting Family Room

  • Contemporary Mudroom Inspired by the Beach
    Beach Inspired Contemporary Mudroom

  • Transformation in Basement Bedroom
    Basement Bedroom Transformation

  • Open Concept Kitchen with Polished Modern Look
    Polished Modern Open Concept Kitchen

  • Modern Dining Room with Chandelier
    Chandelier in Modern Dining Room

  • Storage and Personality in Teen Bedroom
    Teen Room with Lots of Personality and Storage

  • Comfortable Stylish Bedroom
    Stylish Comfortable Bedroom

  • Antique Accents in Contemporary Dining Room
    Contemporary Dining Room with Antique Accents

  • Dark Modern Accents in Neutral Dining Room
    Neutral Dining Room with Dark Modern Accents

  • Living Room with Custom Sofa and Pillows
    Custom Sofa and Pillows in Living Room

  • Kitchen with Updated Backsplash and Countertop
    Updated Backsplash and Countertop in Kitchen