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  • Cannas and Yellow Lantana in a Blue-and-Brown Pot
    Blue-and-Brown-Glazed Container With Lantana and Canna Lilies

  • Annuals With Canna Lily
    Variegated Cannas In Planting Bed

  • Traditional Blue Bedroom
    Traditional Blue Bedroom With Dressing Table Nightstand

  • Backyard Brick Pond Retreat
    Serene Brick Pond With Greenery

  • Brown Home Office Glass Desk With Abstract Art and Glass Vases
    Contemporary Study With Abstract Art and Glass Vases

  • Kitchen With White Cabinets and Small Oven
    White Kitchen Cabinets House Mini Stainless Steel Oven

  • Front Yard With Cottage Garden
    Front Yard Perennial Garden

  • Lime Green Dining Room With Gold Chandelier
    Transitional Dining Room Features Green and Blue Patterned Chairs

  • White Transitional Living Room
    White Transitional Living Room With Black Coffee Table

  • Transitional Dining Room With Crystal Chandelier & Vintage Set
    Cool Blue Transitional Dining Room Features Sparkling Chandelier & Vintage Table & Chairs

  • White Cottage Kitchen
    White Cottage Kitchen With Desk Area

  • Green Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash
    Modern Kitchen With Green Tile Backsplash

  • Traditional Living Room With Ornate Mantel
    Living Room With Ornate Details

  • Vanity With Column
    Double Bathroom Vanity With Column

  • Foyer With Blue Mirror
    Gray Modern Foyer With Blue Mirror

  • Contemporary Red and Gold Powder Room With Floating Vanity
    Warm, Contemporary Powder Room With Floating Vanity & Vessel Sink

  • Outdoor Wood Facade Hides a Small Outdoor Structure
    K&D Landscape Management: Hide the Ugly With a Fabulous Facade

  • Blue sofa and white coffee table in light green living room.
    Living Room with Blue Sofa and White Coffee Table