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  • Freshly Cut Yellow Lilies
    Yellow Lilies

  • Water Lily
    'Aflame' Water Lily

  • Winterberries and Oriental Lilies
    Winterberries and Oriental Lilies

  • Pond in Front of Modern Beach Home
    Tranquil Lily Pond

  • Perennial For Fall Flowers
    Japanese Toad Lily

  • Zantedeschia Hybrid Bog Plant
    Calla Lily

  • Calla lily
    Calla Lily

  • Laundry Room Sink
    Laundry Room Sink and Lilies

  • winterberries
    Winterberry and Lily Tablescape

  • Yellow and Green Calla Lilies Wrapped With Raffia Ribbon
    Sunshine Yellow Calla Lilies Bouquet

  • Flame® Bush Lily
    Flame® Bush Lily

  • Fragrant Lilies
    Sorbonne Oriental Lily Bouquet

  • Convallaria majalis lily of the valley
    Lily of the Valley

  • Lily Pond
    Lily Pond in Back Garden

  • Koi Beneath Water Lilies
    Koi Swim Beneath Green Water Lilies

  • ‘Impish Elf'® Lily of the Valley
    ‘Impish Elf'® Lily of the Valley

  • Backyard waterfalls and other natural water features for homeowners
    Small waterfall flows into lily pond

  • Gray and White Bathroom With Lilies
    Gray and White Double Vanity Bathroom With Lilies