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  • Wall and Ceiling Made of Lego Board
    Lego Board Wall and Ceiling

  • Lego Wall with Metal Bins and Ladder
    Barn Home in the Country: Custom Lego Wall in Boy's Room

  • Kid Zone with LEGO Wall
    Lego Kids' Zone

  • Lego Walls with Rolling Ladder and Storage Baskets and Stools
    Barn Home in the Country: Lego Lover's Dream Room

  • Open Studio Space with Tables and Chairs
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Bucket Wall

  • Lego Storage With Built-In Desk in Basement Playroom
    Basement Playroom Wall-to-Wall Lego Storage With Desk

  • Basement Playroom With White Built-In Shelving Unit
    Basement Lego Lounge With Built-In Wall Storage

  • Lego Sculpture on Table
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Whale

  • Basement Playroom Built-In Lego Storage System
    Basement Lego Lounge With Built-In Storage System

  • Indoor Swing in Living Area
    Indoor Swing in Fun Family Home

  • Colorful Contemeporary Room for Creative Kids
    Bright and Colorful Kid's Room with Chalkboard Wall

  • Fun Red and White Kids with Bold Patterned Rug
    Bright and Bold Kids Room Sparks Creativity

  • LEGO Room
    Magical Kid Zone

  • Red and White Contemporary Kids Room with Chalkboard Wall
    Imaginations Run Wild in Colorful Kids Room