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  • Yellow Home Exterior
    Classy, Traditional Home Exterior With Flower Bed Palm Trees and Light Brick Driveway

  • An urn set in the lawn
    A Stone Labyrinth and Urn in the Lawn

  • garden with walkways
    Garden Includes Strolling Walkways

  • Backyard Rock Steps
    Boulder Steps Leading from Backyard to Concrete Walkway With Boulder Surrounded Mulched Planter Areas

  • backyard in the country
    Backyard Includes Shaded Sitting Area

  • Level Grass Yard With Decorative Landscape Edging, Evergreens Behind
    Elegant Yard With Decorative Landscape Edging

  • Driveway View of Home Exterior
    Lower Driveway View of Boulder Retaining Structure With Mulched Planter Section in Modern Home Backyard

  • Traditional White Exterior
    Grand Waterfront Home Exterior With Swimming Pool and Spacious Lawn

  • Renaissance-era villa and courtyard
    Courtyard Doubles as Entertaining Space

  • Patio With Pergola and Outdoor Furniture
    Cozy Patio With Simple Pergola

  • Retaining Wall Landscaping
    Ornamental Grass Landscaping With Natural Stone Retaining Wall

  • Greek Revival home with formal gardens
    1800s Greek Revival Home Boasts Formal Gardens

  • Polished Backyard
    Gorgeous Backyard View With Bright Green Grass, Shaped Planted Bushes and Concrete Stepping Stone Walkway

  • Open White Living Room with Beige Sofa
    White Modern Living Room that Opens to Outdoor Porch and Pool