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  • Goat cheese with grapes on slate
    Cheese Plate on Slate

  • Classical Entryway with Italian, English and Chinese Antiques
    Classical Foyer with Italian, English and Chinese Antiques

  • cotton plant
    Colorful Cotton

  • Perennial For Shade With Silver Leaves
    ‘Black Stockings’ Meadow Rue

  • Perennial For Fall
    ‘Purple Dome’ New England Aster

  • Monarda ‘Leading Lady Lilac’
    ‘Leading Lady Lilac’ Bee Balm

  • Fragrant Sweet Peas
    Knee High Mix Sweet Pea

  • Charm City

  • Container For Early Spring
    Fragrant Container Garden

  • Purple Annual For Shade
    ‘Velvet Elvis’ Plectranthus

  • Fall Perennials Aster Russian Sage
    ‘Purple Dome’ New England Aster

  • Annual For Shade
    Blue And White Torenia

  • Perennial For Fall Flowers
    Japanese Toad Lily

  • Fall Flowering Perennial
    ‘Rocketman’ Russian Sage

  • Butterfly Garden Or Cutting Garden Perennial
    ‘Raspberry Wine’ Bee Balm

  • Biltong Bar

  • Garden Phlox
    Amethyst Pearl Phlox

  • Butterfly Throw Pillow on Neutral Tufted Chair
    Tone-on Tone Layering for Depth