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  • Lakefront View from Sitting Room
    Sitting Room with Lakefront View

  • Contemporary Living Area With Large Windows, Angled Ceiling and Stairs
    Contemporary Home Focuses on Lakefront View

  • Terraced Lakefront Patio With Infinity Pool
    Poolside Retreat With Spectacular Lakefront View

  • Contemporary Rooftop Deck With Garden
    Rooftop Garden Features Stunning Lakefront View

  • Contemporary Pool Deck With Fire Pit and Lake View
    Night View of Lakefront Terrace

  • Contemporary Neutral Exterior With Pool
    Back View of Contemporary Lakefront Home

  • Aerial View of Wedge-Shaped Infinity Pool
    Aerial View of Infinity Pool: Lakefront Mediterranean in Austin, Texas

  • Living Room: Lakefront Midcentury Luxury Home
    Living Room: Lakefront Midcentury Luxury Home

  • Home Exterior and Dock
    Lake Home Exterior and Dock

  • Exterior and Balconies
    Blue Exterior With Balconies

  • Contemporary Concrete Deck With Steel Railing & Brown Furniture
    Lakefront Deck

  • Mediterranean Luxury Estate
    Mediterranean-Style Luxury Estate

  • Colorful library with impressive built-ins that meet a vaulted ceiling
    Colorful, Eclectic Home Library Offers Comfy Seating

  • Contemporary California Patio
    Contemporary Patio with Fire Pit, Infinity Pool

  • Black Onyx Infinity Pool and Travertine Patio With Stairs
    Spectacular Pool and Patio Design for Lakefront Property

  • Lake Home Exterior With Infinity-Edge Pool & Tiered Water Features
    Mediterranean-Style, Lakefront Home With Breathtaking Landscape Design and Water Features

  • Infinity Pool and Travertine Patio With Lakefront View
    Creative Pool Design: A Continuous Flow From Patio to Lake

  • Lake Home Aerial View
    Lake House Aerial View