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  • Flowering Shrub By Gate
    Black Lace Elderberry

  • Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’
    Black Lace Elderberry

  • Pink Flowers On Black Lace Elderberry
    Black Lace Elderberry Bushes

  • Elderberry Bushes In The Landscape
    Lemony Lace Elderberry Bushes

  • Neutral Throw Pillow With Lace Detail and Orange Embroidery
    Dainty Pillow With Lace Applique

  • Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Denim ‘n Lace’
    ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ Russian Sage

  • Black and White Image of Bride and Groom Holding Hands
    Wedding Trend: Long-Sleeve Lace Gowns

  • Red Elderberries Are Poisonous
    Lemony Lace Elderberry With Berry Cluster

  • Doily Wrap and Pom-Pom Tie
    Lace Doily and Yarn Pom-Pom

  • Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Embellished with Sparkle
    Gift Wrap Embellished With Lace and Glitter

  • Family Wine Bar
    Wine Bar With Custom Cabinets

  • Master Bedroom With Antique Bed
    Master Bedroom With Beautiful Drapery and Bedding

  • Contemporary Kitchen With Large Light Fixture
    Contemporary Kitchen With Travertine Backsplash

  • Masculine Home Office
    Custom Storage in Masculine Home Office

  • Round Mirror and Vanity in Powder Room
    Round Mirror in Powder Room

  • White Shabby Chic Bedroom
    White Shabby Chic Bedroom With Bench

  • Lavishly Layered Living Room with Metallic Details
    Victorian-Inspired Living Room With Luxurious Details

  • HGTV shows you how to translate fashion into home decor
    Fashion Comes Home