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  • Stone Pathway With Ferns
    Two-Tiered Yard With Fern-Lined Stone Walkway

  • Pergola With Lush Plants
    Outdoor Nook

  • Paver Patio With Retaining Wall and Container Plants
    Paver Patio With Retaining Wall and Container Plants

  • Outdoor Patio With Red Accent Wall, Basalt Fountain and Lounge Chairs
    Contemporary Outdoor Space With Red Accent Wall

  • Scenic Swimming Pool
    Stunning Pool With Immaculate View

  • Tuscan Patio With Wood Pergola
    Tuscan Patio With Attached Pergola

  • Mediterranean Patio Retreat
    Mediterranean Patio Retreat

  • Outdoor Seating Area
    Outdoor Seating Area and Lawn

  • Contemporary Backyard
    Contemporary Backyard With Lounge Chairs

  • Garden at the Edge of Yard
    Vibrant Garden With Mix of Grass, Trees and Red Flowers

  • Transitional Home & Back Porch With Lighted Stairs & White Pergola
    Transitional Gray Home Exterior With Spacious Back Porch

  • Contemporary Porch With Orange-Tipped Plants and Wire Railing
    Rectangular Planters on Contemporary Porch

  • Home Exterior With Gray Siding and Mulched Yard
    Gray Home Exterior With Neatly Mulched Front Yard

  • Spanish Exterior and Lavender
    Spanish Exterior and Low Water Garden

  • Garden With Orange Bench, Lounge Chairs and White Fence
    Charming Garden Borders Backyard

  • Neutral Transitional Porch With Silver Dining Table and White Pergola
    Transitional Outdoor Dining Area With Bar and Grill

  • Swimming Pool and Wall
    Swimming Pool and Wall Fountain

  • Neutral Transitional Porch With Metal Furniture
    Transitional Outdoor Dining Area With White Pergola