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  • Mediterranean villa in Italy
    Discover Italy's Costa Smeralda

  • Neutral Traditional Bathroom
    Neutral Traditional Bathroom Inspired by Italy

  • Old World-style villa in Italy
    Villa in the Heart of Valpolicella, Italy

  • Renaissance-era villa in Verona, Italy
    Renaissance-Era Villa and Vineyards in Italy

  • Italian home and tower
    Homes in Italian Lake District

  • Italian Villa Exterior
    Italian Villa Exterior and Grounds

  • Stone Home With Tower on Lush Hillside
    Italian Palazzo in Landscape

  • Grapes Growing on a Vine
    Grapes in Vineyard

  • Olive Tree With Olives
    Growing Olives

  • Marble Art in Garden
    Marble Artwork in Garden

  • Modern Console With White Horse Statue and Wood Stools
    White Living Room With Modern Console Table

  • Mediterranean Stone Exterior
    Patio View of Mediterranean Home

  • Balcony With Stunning Ocean View
    Balcony With White Chairs and Ocean View

  • Homes in San Francisco
    Obliquely North Beach

  • Red Geraniums in Stucco Alcove
    Red Geraniums in Alcove

  • contemporary deck with lounge chairs
    Contemporary Deck Complements Horizon

  • Arches and Natural Stone in Rustic Wine Cellar
    Rustic Wine Cellar with Arches and Natural Stone

  • Extravagant Garage
    Million Dollar Garage