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  • Kitchen Island With Bamboo Cabinets and Wrought Iron Chandeliers
    Craftsman Kitchen Island With Wrought Iron Chandeliers

  • Iron Ceiling Fan with Lantern-Style Globe
    Iron Ceiling Fan with Lantern-Style Globe

  • White Kitchen With Lanterns
    White Transitional Chef Kitchen With Lanterns

  • transitional landing with iron chandelier
    Second Floor Landing With Wrought Iron Chandelier

  • Wrought-Iron Gate
    Wrought-Iron Gate

  • Brick Garden Pavilion
    Wisteria Framed Garden Pavilion With Lantern Lights Mounted on Brick Columns and Wrought Iron Chairs

  • Fire Pit Area With Adirondack Chairs
    Wooded Fire Pit Area

  • White Country Entryway With Chair, Artwork and Iron Lantern
    Country-Style Foyer Features Small Wooden Chair

  • Neutral Italian Courtyard
    Italian Villa Courtyard With Wrought Iron Bucket Support Over Decorative Well, Wood French Doors and Lantern Sconces

  • Renaissance-era villa with iron gate
    Iron Gate Offers Additional Privacy

  • Open Kitchen With Lantern Pendants
    White Open Kitchen With Lantern Pendants

  • White Country Style Staircase
    White Country-Style Staircase With Reclaimed Wood Pitched Ceiling

  • Neutral Rustic Staircase
    Rustic Transitional Stairs With Shiplap Walls

  • Bamboo Kitchen With Wrought Iron Chandeliers and Island Seating
    Craftsman Kitchen With Kitchen Island Seating

  • White Lampshade on Silver Lamp With Adjacent Green Plant
    Modern Metal Lamp With White Lantern Lampshade

  • Coastal Bedroom With Wooden Desk and Iron Bed Frame
    Coastal Bedroom With Wood and Iron Furniture

  • Traditional Stairs with Custom Rails
    Detailed Staircase with Custom Wrought-Iron Railings

  • Contemporary Patio With Stone Dining Table
    Outdoor Dining Area With Stone Slab Tabletop and Iron Chairs