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  • Glass Tile Fireplace Surround With Wooden Mantle
    Iridescent Green Glass Tile Fireplace Surround

  • Blue Bathroom With Shimmering Shower & Tile Tub Surround
    Glass Tile Backsplash & Bathtub Surround

  • Fireplace in Great room
    Fireplace Surrounded With Porcelain Tile

  • Fireplace With Graphic Tile
    Fireplace With Graphic Tile Surround

  • Porcelain Tile Fireplace Surround in Sitting Room
    Striking Porcelain Tile Fireplace Surround

  • White Living Room
    Iridescent Tile Fireplace in Airy White Living Room

  • Fireplace With Blue Mosaic Tiles and Stainless Steel Surround
    Fireplace With Blue Mosaic-Tile Surround

  • Contemporary Gas Fireplace With Custom Limestone Tile Surround
    Modern Fireplace With Limestone Tile Surround

  • White Mosaic Tile Fireplace
    Fireplace With White Mosaic Tile Surround

  • Graphic Black-and-Cream Contemporary Fireplace
    Contemporary Fireplace With Modern Tile Surround

  • Bathroom With Mosaic Tile Walls and Glass and Stainless Steel Vanity
    Modern Bathroom With Iridescent Tile Walls and Glass Vanity

  • Country Living Room With Cow Art
    Country Living Room With Tile Fireplace Surround

  • White Tile Fireplace With Wood Mantel & Artwork
    Penny Tile Fireplace Surround With Wood Mantel

  • Contemporary Black Fireplace With Neutral Surround
    Custom Black Fireplace With Textured Tile Surround

  • Living Room Fireplace With Modern Accessories and Antiques
    Fireplace With White Mantel and Tile Surround

  • Fireplace
    Fireplace With Handmade Arts-and-Crafts Tile Surround

  • Beach Cottage Living Room With Fireplace
    Chic Tile Fireplace Surround in Cottage Living Room

  • Fireplace With White Surround
    Fireplace With White Surround