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  • Outdoor Sitting Area With Chaises, Umbrella & Pool
    Raised Lounge Above Pool

  • Mediterranean Backyard With Infinity Pool & Spa
    Backyard of Luxury Estate

  • Mediterranean Patio With Fire Bowls, Pool, Spa & Arches
    Mediterranean Patio At Dusk Features Infinity Spa, Luxurious Pool, Warming Fire Bowls & Enchanting Lounge

  • Mediterranean Pool & Stone Patio With Hedges, Trees & Shrubs
    Striking Pool & Spa With a View

  • White Ranch Exterior With Gray Roof, Patio & Swimming Pool
    Texas Ranch Home With Luxurious Pool & Spa

  • Stone Walkway With Pottery Fountains & Shrubs
    Elegant Walkway Beside Pool & Spa

  • Modern Patio Features Infinity Spa, Pool, Swim-Up Bar & Fire Features
    Sleek Infinity Spa & Pool Create Effortless Intrigue In This Chic, Modern Patio With Fire Features

  • Mediterranean Backyard With Pool
    Luxury Backyard With Pool & Stunning Landscaping

  • Back of Mediterranean Exterior With Pool and Patio
    Mediterranean Home With Mosaic Tile Infinity Pool

  • White Spanish Outdoor Living Space
    Spanish Outdoor Room with Two-Sided Fireplace

  • Modern Yard With Pool, Glass Railing & City View
    Dining Room & Front Yard

  • Contemporary Infinity Pool and Patio
    Contemporary Infinity Pool in California Hills

  • Contemporary Pool and Patio
    Contemporary Pool and Patio in Los Angeles

  • Rooftop Infinity Pool and Spa
    Infinity Pool and Hot Tub in Hollywood Hills

  • Modern Infinity Pool & Spa With City View
    Infinity Edge Pool

  • Closeup of Infinity Pool
    Detail of Infinity Edge Pool

  • Contemporary Infinity Pool and Patio
    Infinity Pool and Patio with 180-Degree Views

  • Modern Patio With Swim-Up Bar, Fire Pit, Kitchen & Fire PIt
    Sleek, Modern Patio Features Lounge, Swim-Up Bar & Outdoor Kitchen