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  • A sleek, contemporary white vanity and mirror against a gray backdrop make a strong statement in masculinity.
    A Modern Masculine Bathroom in Gray and White

  • Closet Turned Into Large, Elegant, Industrial Bathroom
    Large, Elegant, Industrial Bathroom Created from Closet

  • Modern Artwork Above Navy Velvet Sofa
    Modern Artwork Helps Define Transitional Living Space

  • Design Museum, Helsinki
    Design Museum in Helsinki

  • Rustic Industrial Kitchen with Gray Marble Countertop
    Gray Marble Countertop Pops in Rustic Industrial Kitchen

  • Elegant, Industrial Guest Room with Neutral Color Palette
    Neutral Color Palette and Reclaimed Wood in Elegant, Industrial Guest Room

  • Pereira & O'Dell New York Conference Room and Work Stations
    Conference Room and Work Stations at Pereira & O'Dell New York

  • Neutral Urban Great Room
    Neutral Urban Great Room With Concrete Floor

  • Synched Appliances
    Synched Appliances

  • Neutral Open Living Space With Tall Wood and Steel Dining Set
    Chic, Open Dining Room With Industrial Table & Chairs

  • Outdoors Included in Modern Living Room Design
    Modern Living Room Incorporates the Outdoors in Its Design

  • Industrial Master Bedroom Blends Metal and Wood
    Metal and Wood Blend to Create Elegant, Industrial Master Bedroom

  • White Living Space With Black Metal Stairs With Banister
    Black Metal Stairs

  • Archie's Garage-Turned-Music Space from
    Archie Andrews' Garage-Turned-Music Space from 'Riverdale'

  • Urban Warehouse Exterior
    Gray Urban Warehouse Turned Living Space Exterior

  • White Modern Kitchen with Metallic Tiled Backsplash and Pendant Lights
    White Kitchen with Metallic Tiled Backsplash

  • Home Exterior With Cedar Siding & Recessed Lighting
    Cedar Siding & Ceiling

  • Rustic, Industrial Kitchen with Wrought Iron Dining Chairs
    Wrought Iron Dining Chairs in Rustic, Industrial Kitchen