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  • Grow Mint Indoors
    Spearmint In Pot

  • Contemporary Bar Cart
    Wheel Cart Repurposed Into Bright, Accessible Mini Bar Set Up

  • Green Backyard With Paver Stone Walkway
    Lush Green Backyard Landscaping With Water Fountain

  • Amaryllis flowers houseplant
    Amaryllis Blooms

  • Broken Spanish Custom Foyer
    Broken Spanish Custom Foyer

  • Contemporary Private Dining Area
    Contemporary Private Dining Area

  • Twinning

  • Panda Plant (Kalanchoe), Senecio And Echeveria
    Succulent Planter On Sink

  • Air Purifying Houseplants
    ‘Red Congo’ Philodendron

  • Kimberly Queen Fern
    Kimberly Queen Fern