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  • Gas Fireplace
    Gas Fireplace and Houseplant

  • Midcentury Dresser and Plant
    Midcentury Dresser and Houseplant

  • HGTV Smart Home 2014 Wireless Plant Monitors
    Houseplants With Wireless Monitors

  • Glass Kitchen Shelves
    Glass Kitchen Shelves and Houseplant

  • Contemporary Home Office with Houseplants
    Contemporary Home Office with Houseplants

  • Houseplant in Open Plan Condo
    Houseplant in Open Concept Condo

  • Shower With Houseplant
    Walk-In Shower With Houseplant

  • Console Table With Houseplants
    Black Console Table With Houseplants

  • Multicolored Tropical Nursery
    Multicolored Tropical Nursery With Houseplant

  • Neutral Stone Fireplace
    Neutral Stone Fireplace and Houseplants

  • Neutral Bohemian Living Room
    Neutral Bohemian Living Room With Houseplant

  • White Transitional Dining Room
    White Transitional Dining Room With Houseplant

  • Modern master bedroom
    Houseplant Adds Greenery, Accentuates Tall Ceilings

  • Built-In Marble Desk
    Built-In Marble Desk With Houseplants

  • Corner of Room With Black and White Horse Wall Art and Green Plant
    Corner Features Horse Artwork and Houseplant

  • Neutral Living Room With Houseplant
    Neutral Contemporary Living Room With Houseplant

  • Midcentury Dining Room With Houseplants
    Neutral Midcentury Modern Dining Room With Houseplants

  • Midcentury Modern White and Wood Dresser
    Retro Dresser With Colorful Artwork and Houseplants