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  • Colorful Plants in Limeston Planters
    Limestone Planters House Plants for Seasonal Color

  • Clean and Filter Indoor Air with a Marble Queen Pathos
    Spring Hanging Plant : Marble Queen Pathos

  • Traditional House with Pool
    Traditional House with Pool, Plants

  • Guide to Hanging Plants
    Spring House 2015: Hanging Plants

  • Plant and Decorative Accents on Cabinet
    Plant and Decorative Animal Decor on Cabinet

  • Landscaping in Front of Contemporary House
    Contemporary House Landscaping

  • Modern Pool House
    Modern Pool House

  • Sundial House Courtyard Entry With Native Desert Plants
    Sundial House Courtyard Entry With Native Desert Plants

  • Southwestern guest house with breezeway
    Southwestern Guest House Includes Breezeway Lined With Plants

  • Plants Flowing from a Brick Planter With Cedar Base
    A Brick Planter With House Numbers Stuffed With Plants

  • Living Room Full of Plants and Natural Light
    Add Plants to a Room to Make It Feel Vibrant, Lived In

  • Traditional Wood Bay Window
    Kitchen Bay Window With Built in Walnut Cabinets, Glazed Tile Floor and Countertop Plant Display

  • Modern Rooftop Patio
    Colorful Modern House with Rooftop Patio

  • Neutral Living Room with Green Houseplant, Pink Painting, Tan Ottomans
    Eclectic Neutral Living Room with Green Houseplant

  • Atrium With Plants
    Atrium With Potted Plants

  • contemporary courtyard with wood ceiling
    Courtyard Showcases Sansevieria Plants

  • Seating Area With Sculpture, House Plants
    Seating Area With Armchairs, Sculpture

  • House Plant and Blue Sofa in Living Room
    Bright Blue Sofa in Living Room