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  • Horizon House's Eastern View
    Eastern View of Horizon House

  • Night Glow From Horizon House
    Horizon House Appears to Glow at Night

  • Horizon House Gets Natural Light Through Large Windows
    Large Windows Maximize Natural Light in Horizon House

  • Horizon House's Two Sectors Split By Different Exterior Materials
    Different Exterior Materials Denote Different Sectors of Horizon House

  • Relaxation Spot Outside of Public Portion of Horizon House
    Porch Outside Public Portion of Horizon House Provides Relaxation Spot

  • Artifacts Highlighted by Neutral Color Palette
    Neutral Color Palette with Pops of Color Highlight Artifacts and Reflect Natural Light

  • Oceanfront Deck With Fire Pit
    Beach House Deck With Fire Pit

  • rustic lake house with porch
    Secluded Lake House Allows for Stargazing

  • Beach House Great Room at Sunset
    Beach House Great Room with Slipcovered Chairs and Sofas, and Hardwood Floors

  • Large Covered Patio with Puget Sound View
    Puget Sound View From Luxurious Covered Patio

  • rustic patio with stone bench
    Stone Bench for Watching the Sunset

  • Industrial waterfront home
    Blue Lights Illuminate Waterfront Home at Night