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  • Homemade Details
    It's in the Details

  • DIY Mother's Day Lunch
    DIY Mother's Day Lunch

  • Halloween Cocktail
    Halloween Spirits: Bloody Orange Cocktail

  • Whiskey Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktail With Citrus Garnish

  • White and Blue Bridal Shower Cupcakes With Paper Flags
    Vanilla Cupcakes With DIY Paper Flags

  • DIY Glitter Ornaments
    Tiki Barber Makes Christmas Ornaments

  • Blue Kids' Bedroom With Decorative Hooks Below Bulletin Board
    Bulletin Board in Blue Kids' Room

  • Gifts Wrapped in Brown Paper With Monogrammed Gift Topper
    Handmade Monogrammed Christmas Gift Topper

  • Jar With Apple Pie Filling
    Gift Jar With Apple Pie Filling

  • Christmas Dessert
    Christmas Chocolate Covered Peppermint Crispies

  • Metal Tins
    Gift Tins

  • Faux Mantle
    Faux Holiday Mantel

  • Found Serving Trays
    Unconventional Serving Platters

  • Functional and Decorative Milk Crate
    Repurposing a Milk Create

  • Add Handmade Details to Store Bought Food
    It's in the Details

  • Vintage Pieces Add Interest to Table
    Add Interesting Design Elements

  • Instant Pedestal
    5 Second DIY Pedestal

  • Cookie Mix Gift
    Cookie Mix Gift in Jar