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  • In-Home Gallery

  • Multicolored Home Office
    Multicolored Home Office With Gallery Wall

  • Brown Contemporary Modern Office
    Urban Contemporary Home Office With Gallery Wall

  • Gallery Space

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Home Office With Wall-Mount Television
    Gallery Wall

  • Home Office With Green Desk
    Home Office With Green Desk and Gallery Wall

  • Seating Area with Furry Rug and Vintage Chairs
    Gray-Green Home Office Sitting Area With Gallery Wall

  • Neutral Hallway With Framed Artwork
    Hallway Art Gallery

  • In-House Gallery

  • Vintage Wood Shoe Forms Used for Gallery Wall
    Unique Stairway Gallery Wall

  • Hallway Art Gallery
    Art Gallery Inspired Hallway

  • Gallery Showing for Local Artists in Open House
    Renovated Home's Open House Doubles as Gallery Showing for Local Artists

  • Gallery Wall With Inspirational Sayings, Graphic Sketches and Initials
    Gallery Wall Incorporates Mounted TV

  • Traditional White Bathroom
    Traditional Bathroom With Gallery Wall

  • Vase and Gallery Wall
    Green Vase and Gallery Wall

  • Gallery Wall With Niches
    White Gallery Wall With Niches

  • Gray Contemporary Hallway
    Gray Contemporary Hallway With Gallery Wall

  • Living Space With Large Blue Sectional and Sleek White Coffee Table
    Basement Playroom With Stylish Gallery Wall