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  • Paver Driveway Leads to Luxury Exterior With Stone & Stucco Siding
    Home Exterior: Historic Country Estate in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • pre-Civil War home
    Pre-Civil War Home Dates Back to 1843

  • Cabinets with Custom Fretwork
    Kitchen Cabinets With Historic Touches

  • Gray Home With Lime Green Door
    Historic Bungalow With Mod Makeover

  • Original Elements Featured in Historic Home
    Historic Design Meets Contemporary Luxury

  • Unique Wedding Venue: Historic Landmarks

  • Adobe-style home with gravel driveway
    Side View of Historic Adobe-Style Home in Santa Fe, N.M.

  • Southwestern living space with adobe fireplace
    Adobe Fireplace, Carved Statues Speak to Home's History

  • Home's Traditional Style Blends with Modern Colors in Dining Room
    Dining Room in Tudor Home Blends Modern Colors with the Home's Traditional Style

  • Mansion Sits On A Hill With Large Landscaped Trees And Shrubs
    Aerial View Of Historic Colonial Mansion

  • Exterior of White Bungalow With Front Porch
    Historic Bungalow Renovation Inside and Out

  • Exterior: Historic Mansion in Madrid, Spain
    Exterior: Historic Mansion in Madrid, Spain

  • Three-Story Mansion With Wraparound Driveway and Groomed Landscaping
    Aerial View Of Historic Asheville Mansion

  • White Traditional Kitchen
    White Traditional Kitchen in Historic Mansion

  • brick bungalow with fenced garden
    Historic Brick Bungalow in Palo Alto

  • white farmhouse in the country
    Historic Farmhouse Located on Main Street

  • modern white farmhouse with sliding glass doors
    Historic Farmhouse With Two Gabled Additions

  • pre-Civil War home in Beaufort, S.C.
    Historic House Boasts Classic Carolina Style